Microblading: 2017’s Hottest New Treatment?

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If you do a search on the hottest new beauty trends of 2017, you are sure to come across microblading. This fantastic semi-permanent makeup treatment has been quickly growing in popularity as our obsession with full, natural looking eyebrows has raged on, thanks in part to a number of celebrities and their #eyebrowsonfleek.

This treatment, which originated in Asia, has taken the beauty world by storm as people rave about the subtle, natural looking results this treatment offers.

But how does it work? Microblading involves using tiny needles, much like the ones used in the ever popular microneedling treatments, to deliver pigment to the skin to imitate brow hair. But this treatment doesn’t just fill in your brows, it also shapes them. Before beginning the microblading treatment, the eyebrow specialist will establish the best brow shape for your face based off of nature’s “Golden Ratio”, helping to give you the best possible results!

Once you are happy with the shape and fullness, the practitioner will begin the microblading process, drawing on one hair at a time. Because this treatment, unlike other permanent or semi-permanent makeup treatments, use a handheld tool, the beautician is better able to control the depth of the mark. This helps to ensure that the results are more subtle and natural looking. After your treatment, you will have effortlessly beautiful brows that require little maintenance for the next year.

One downside to this treatment is the cost. A microblading session can set you back anywhere from $600 to $1500. Most patients agree that the price tag is worth it, however, when you consider how much time and money you save from not having to deal with all of your eyebrow products over the following year.

What do you think? Does the idea of a year of effortlessly “on fleek” brows appeal to you? Or do you think this is just a passing fad?

February 7, 2017

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