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Medical Spa Internet Marketing

Medical Spa Internet Marketing must be properly executed in order to bring in more patients. Your medical spa should be visible on multiple internet platforms including Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and more. Physical billboards and flyers used to have the most power in advertising but now that nearly everyone has a mobile device, online marketing proves to be the most effective. Your competition will certainly be reaching patients with a varied presence on the internet so it’s important to learn how you can stay top of sight and mind. The good news is that internet marketing is cheaper than advertising with large billboards or printing out hundreds of flyers that uninterested people throw away.

Medical Spa Website Marketing

Medical Spa Website Marketing is important in that you have a way for your patients to interact with your website. You need to have a, “Call to Action,” on every web page so that your potential patients can be encouraged to either fill out a contact form or call your office right away. Your website also needs to be search engine optimized. (SEO). Do you know how to make sure that your website ranks high on search engines like Google? This is vital information for a successful marketing campaign. High-ranking SEO occurs when you use specific keywords, publish high-quality content containing those keywords, and use a multitude of engaging media throughout your website.

Medical Spa Yelp Marketing

Medical Spa Yelp Marketing can help patients find your medical spa. In addition, being active on Yelp helps patients to feel more comfortable about visiting your spa for various treatments. When your former patients review their experiences with you and you also have the chance to interact with potential patients, you will see an increase in new patient appointments. Yelp allows you to reply to comments and reviews. This is beneficial when patients are still undecided about who they want to see for their treatment. By having a positive Yelp presence, you make it more likely they will come to your medical spa.

Medical Spa Google Local Marketing

Medical Spa Google Local Marketing is a must-have for any medical spa facility. People are searching their mobile devices to locate nearby spas and if you’re not listed, you likely won’t be the medical spa they choose for treatments. You’ll want to make sure that Google Maps can find your spa so that potential patients can find you as well. Medical Spa Google Local Marketing also allows you to post photos of your facility. Patients can review their experience with you and these ratings are immediately visible by searchers.

Medical Spa SEO Marketing

Medical Spa SEO Marketing works. When SEO marketing is done right, it drives patients straight to your website. Your website needs high-quality SEO content containing the top-ranking keywords for your services. SEO can be difficult because the rules are constantly changing. Learning the latest SEO strategies can feel like another full-time job but we can help. Don’t let your competition gather all the new patients when you have a cost-effective tool like SEO to advertise your med spa.

Medical Spa PPC Marketing

Medical Spa PPC Marketing shows near immediate results. While SEO marketing is more for the long-haul and successful over time, Medical Spa PPC Marketing can prove instantly beneficial. By using PPC, (“Pay Per Click”), you can target your patients right away. The best part is that you won’t be charged unless patients are interested and click on your ad. Unlike an expensive billboard that you pay for upfront and just ‘hope’ the right people see, PPC goes straight to the source which gives you a better shot at acquiring new patients.

Medical Spa Social Media Marketing

Medical Spa Social Media Marketing is a great way to engage your past, present, and future patients. By being visible where your patients are online, you can promote your services as well as answer any questions about various procedures. In addition, you can post, ‘before & after’ photos, have visible testimonials from your patients, and share other entertaining articles or pictures that keep your audience interested in what your spa has to offer. Medical Spa Social Media Marketing is already being used by your competitors so if you want to keep a leg up on them, you’ll need to be very active on all social media platforms.

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