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OB-GYNS Internet Marketing

The internet has revolutionized the way people search and make purchasing decisions. It is no different when it comes to health related questions. People turn to online resources and forums to get quick answers to any medical issues they may be experiencing. As an Ob-gyn you are aware of all the helpful information that can be found online, but there is also a lot of misleading information. As a practice owner you are responsible for providing quality healthcare service for your patients but it begins with providing the online resources they need to choose you.

OB-GYNS Website Marketing

The issues we see across the board with Ob-gyn’s websites is that most practices either don’t have one or their site is difficult to navigate. Optimizing your Ob-gyn website marketing is going to benefit your user engagement. Whether you are running print or radio marketing campaigns most patients will go online to verify information, learn more about the doctor, or read reviews. Websites are extremely important because it is your opportunity to make a great impression. Consider this as your first interaction with each patient. Don’t miss the chance to provide the information they need to choose you.

OB-GYNS Yelp Marketing

Yelp has become a powerful marketing tool that many Ob-gyn Practices should be using as the first step in taking their business online. Yelp allows you to tailor your business account to feature images, specials, business highlights, and a place to introduce yourself to your audience. Yelp is a platform where your patients can write reviews on your service, staff, and facility. These types of reviews are free referrals that lead shoppers into becoming your new patients. Stay active on these online directories to receive free exposure by simply updating your business information and thanking customers for leaving helpful reviews.

OB-GYNS Google Local Marketing

The power in search engines lies in the ability to use a person’s location to deliver the most accurate results. When you add and claim your business on Google Local you will be able to increase your business awareness when people search for Ob-gyns in your local area. Google local will pull up business information such as location, business hours, website, and Google reviews. This is a sure way to enhance your Ob-gyn online marketing strategy, the more information you provide about your business the better visibility you will have.

OB-GYNS SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is a strategical method to increase your website’s natural ranking across different search engines. This is why we highlight the importance of having a full functioning website. SEO compliments other marketing efforts by showing your website when consumers ask for that information. Any traffic that comes to your website by searching for a specific answer or service is called organic search. As you handle your Ob-gyn marketing you will see how important it is to become a reliable source of information. This increases your trustworthiness, value, and increase your chances of getting great online leads.

OB-GYNS PPC Marketing

Ob-gyns PPC marketing is the fastest and surest way of bringing new patients to your practice. PPC advertising campaigns are created to display an advertisement for your business in the prime location your potential patients are searching. The great opportunity PPC campaigns offer is the ability to pay only for the ad when it is clicked on by a viewer. This means that your adverting budget will only work for you when it actually delivers results. Demand in your local area will determine the budget you will need to make sure you are present when your potential patients are inquiring for your business. PPC compliments other business strategies such as staying competitive in a saturated market. Online advertising gives your Ob-gyns practice the ability to occupy the top spot before any of your local competition and even reach other markets.

OB-GYNS Social Media Marketing

The most underused media platform by all Ob-gyns is social media. The reason for this is due the lack of information on the benefits social media can offer your Ob-gyns practice. Social media has become a free platform for you to talk about your business, specials, or other information that will be useful for your audience. ROI on social media can be difficult to track because likes, shares, and followers do not directly translate to new patients but it is a power tool that cannot be ignored. Be present where your audience is at, 56% of your potential clients are on social media. Create social media strategies that will increase your followers and provide useful content that will engage users.

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