How to Market BOTOX®

Tips to Getting More Clients for BOTOX® Injections

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(Editor’s Note: This guide is evolving. As web marketing changes and as we gain insight into offline channels, we will work towards making this the most comprehensive guide on how to market BOTOX effectively. Bookmark this page and return soon for future updates)

During our consultations with physicians and business owners, we are often asked how to improve the amount of clients a facility sees for BOTOX® Cosmetic. We thought it would be helpful to create this guide as to how to market BOTOX® Cosmetic for your facility whether you are a sole physician-owned facility, medical spa, surgical center or dermatologist.

This guide will heavily focus on how you can acquire new customers through digital marketing but will also touch on offline channels that have shown success.

Getting Assistance from Allergan for Marketing BOTOX®

Time and time again, the aesthetic facilities that do the best are tied closely to their Allergan sales representative. Your Allergan sales representative can keep you up to date with Allergan and offer any marketing collateral that can help with client education.

Allergan has done well in building a brand that has caused enough demand that people ask for their product by name. Lean on this brand awareness to drive new customers to your facility.

Your Aestheticians & Staff Can Help You Promote BOTOX® Cosmetic

Everyone, and we mean everyone, should be trained and thoroughly educated on BOTOX Cosmetic. You must realize that every person at your facility acts as a touch point to a potential customer. The facilities that do well are those that have a knowledgeable staff. Your staff will communicate more effectively if they are confident in the product. Allergan offers a BOTOX Certification on the Official Allergan website and we encourage you and your staff to complete it.

BOTOX®, Your Website and SEO

Many of our clients initially had very limited information for BOTOX® on their website. In addition, they had links pointed to other websites where the visitor could gather more information. One of the worst things you can do is lead your visitor to another website.

We recommend physician-written content that describes what BOTOX® Cosmetic is, how it works and what clients can expect. Make sure to write content that targets those that are new to BOTOX®. Don’t expect that website visitors know how BOTOX® works. It is a very popular cosmetic treatment, but there are still millions of people that have yet to try it.

Having uniquely written content for BOTOX® can improve SEO and help clients determine whether or not BOTOX® is right for them. In addition, make sure you have frequently asked questions along with images that include, ‘before & after’ images. Allergan provides a vast amount of content and images that you can use in their BOTOX® marketing materials.

Address how pricing works and how many units are generally used in each area. The more you explain, the more educated and assured the client will be in making their decision.

The more information that you provide about BOTOX®, the more likely you will be the one the client trusts enough to call to book their consultation. The goal is to translate your expertise to web content.

When writing content, make sure that you also mention the city that you are in along with the surrounding areas that you’re looking to target. For instance, if you’re in Dallas, Texas, make sure that you include the keyword, “BOTOX Dallas,” on your page along with the other cities nearby. Do not go overboard. Once is enough.

If you also offer BOTOX for Migraines and Underarm sweating, then make sure you have a special page dedicated to the use of BOTOX for those specific medical conditions.

Take time to write unique, well-written, content using your own experiences with patients as a reference.

Web Marketing Automation

Automated optimizations enable our platform to operate on your web marketing campaigns at peak performance 24/7. Automation and responses to changes in the consumer behavior are key to achieving maximum results.

Comprehensive Tracking

Our digital marketing campaigns are coupled with a comprehensive tracking system that enables you to evaluate your return on marketing costs with ease. There’s no need to ask customers where and how they heard about your facility. Our system does all of that for you.

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