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Text Messaging Marketing

Text messaging marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Timely text messaging marketing campaigns help grow revenue by sending offers and reminders directly to your existing clients or prospect list.

Text messaging or SMS marketing is a great way to help retain your hard earned customers. Text messages can be friendly reminders for customers that have not visited in a while, or a great way to drive customers on your slowest day of the week.

With a strategic approach, text messaging can help drive instant bookings. You must segment and target specific customers. The last thing you want to do is bombard all of your client list with broad messages. You also have to make sure that you have received permission before you start texting.

Frequency of texting also plays a large role in the success of your campaign. You want to optimize for time of day and frequency throughout the month. Messages should be short, to the point and provide value. Text messaging is great to promote deals or coupons that are immediately redeemable. This is where your mobile website plays a huge role. Not only to you want to be timely but you also want to give your clients to immediately schedule their treatment or consultation.

Our automated approach led by our digital marketing an aesthetic experts enable us to launch very effective text messaging marketing campaigns. We are experts at launching texting campaigns for aesthetic facilities. Think about how personal a text message is when you receive one. When you approach it the right away, have permission of the customer, these campaigns can be one of the best levers you can pull to fill your calendar.

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