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Our web marketing platform can help you effectively reach customers when it matters. Reach customers at all points of interest. Whether they are researching results, treatments, or your facility, you can show up at the right time.

Though some customers make a quick decision, many of them visit multiple websites such as search engines, video, ratings & review sites. In order to stay in mind, you need to be visible across all sources. Our platform does that effectively without the need to engage directly with any of these partners or to dedicate a person to manage all of these traffic sources productively.

Make it easy for you and your facility to generate new customers through our web marketing platform that can do this effectively. Simply put, start generating results now.


Google AdWords is one of the easiest and most complicated channels to acquire new customers from. With close to 60% search engine market share, your facility must have high visibility across multiple types of keyword searches. Our proprietary keyword buying algorithm can ensure top placement for keywords that are proven to drive responses at the moments that matter.

Our proprietary keyword buying algorithm can ensure top placement for keywords that are proven to drive responses at the moments that matter.


Bing & Yahoo continue to find innovative ways to build market share. It’s important to be highly visible both on Bing & Yahoo. Microsoft and Yahoo continue to support their search engines by being pre-installed on new mobile phones, tables and computers. Your facility is missing out on new customers by not being highly visible on these two engines.


Yelp is known to have a love-hate relationship with businesses nationwide. Whether or not you agree with how they operate, you can’t disagree that they drive local, qualified traffic. Consumers gravitate to Yelp to find facilities and to research ratings and reviews. It’s important for your facility to have a local presence on Yelp.


With millions of videos being viewed every day, YouTube is a great way for consumers to research procedures and treatments. Be visible across YouTube as consumers go through the shopping process and ultimately decide to book. YouTube is no longer just a place for funny cat videos. Consumers are using it right now to research before & after’s and to see what the treatment is really like. Don’t miss out on being visible during this important time of the shopping process.


This social network is a great source to generate interest for consumers in target demographics. Facebook enables advertisers to reach millions of consumers in their market. Consumers visit Facebook multiple times a day and most of the time is on a mobile device. Be visible throughout the day in order to generate interest and awareness.


Realself continues to grow as a destination for consumers to research, review and rate procedures and treatments. Consumers love to read reviews and experiences from other consumers that have already had the procedure or treatment. Be where consumers are and don’t miss out on consumers that are engaged.


An industry leader in remarketing for all industries, Ad Roll is one of our premium traffic providers that enable you to stay top-of-mind as consumers go through the shopping process. Particularly for surgical procedures, consumers can take some time to ultimately decide to have a more invasive type of treatment. Stay visible and top-of-mind throughout the shopping process.

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