The Newest Neuromodulator: Nabota

Move over Botox, there’s a new injectable wrinkle treatment in town!

Over the past few years, K-beauty has taken the aesthetic world by storm! These innovative, fun products have revolutionized our skin care routines and our complexions. And now there is yet another reason to get excited! Daewoong Pharmaceutical is in the process of releasing a new neuromodulator treatment which could just give Botox a run for its money!

This new treatment is called Nabota and is made out of botulinum toxin, just like Botox (and Dysport and Xeomin). It would work similarly, blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles and temporarily paralyzing them. The difference is that Nabota claims to use a special purifying process which creates the purest form of the toxin available in the market. If this is true, it might just make it safer and longer lasting than its alternatives!

Although Nabota hasn’t hit the market here in the US yet, it could be on its way soon. It is currently in clinical trials to receive FDA approval. If all goes according to plan, it could even be here as soon as late 2018! In the meantime, we will just have to wait and see how this new neuromodulator stacks up to the competition.

August 14, 2017