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Are you a modest or start-up aesthetic company that is looking to expand your clientele? Well, at Med Aesthetics Group we’ve compiled a list that can help you find success. If you follow these tips closely, you should see a rise in the amount of business that your practice is receiving. So, take a look and get started today!

Develop Excellent People Skills

When it comes to owning your own aesthetics practice, it takes a lot more than just ‘know-how’. People skills are another important factor when dealing with clients, because dealing with clients are your main source of income. It is important to make sure that anyone who comes into your business are satisfied and feel welcome. Which means that while expertise in your field is necessary, you will have to dabble in hospitality as well. You should make sure that you are providing your clients with a comfortable experience and a variety of options. By catering to your clients’ needs, you are laying the groundwork for recurring clientele.

Maintain Professionalism

This is a widely known, yet often forgotten piece of advice. It’s important to maintain professionalism. By keeping your clients happy and presenting a very professional attitude, you will enhance your business. Presenting a clean-cut appearance about your brand will reduce any client fears about choosing your practice.

It is also important to keep your office clean, organized and well-staffed. This will speak volumes about your practice, much better than anything that could be said. So, it is important to present yourself as someone who knows what to do and who possesses the know-how; by having a well-run office environment and great repertoire with clients and potential clients.

Keep A Good Bedside Manner

It is important to make sure that your clients are happy. This means doing little things like checking up on them, inquiring about their day, and engaging in small-talk. These little things may not some like much, but clients will feel cared about and validated. Which will encourage clients to come into your business and even send referrals. Practices who are successful have tapped into this key piece of advice and acquired a surge in business. Even if they don’t possess all the latest technology, or are a small-time start up, businesses that master this often have success in client retention.

Develop A Strong Brand

This is one of the biggest details in acquiring and maintaining clientele. It is highly important to make sure that you develop a strong brand. This can be done through intense and consistent marketing practices, but also includes other aspects as well. One of the things can be included are as follows:

Educate your clients- create brochures, pamphlets, send newsletters, etc. and make it available in your practice. This way your clients can take home information about your practice and the services you offer to disperse among their friends, family, etc.

“Up” your marketing- Be aggressive with your marketing strategy. It is important that you utilize all the latest, most successful, and well-known marketing services. Another factor is making sure that you are consistent with your marketing. Keeping up to date and on schedule keeps your clients updated on what is happening with your practice and what specials you are offering.

Be Active Within Your Community

It is important as a business owner to stay engaged with your community. The more engaged and active you are, the easier it is to stay in the forefront. This will enhance your visibility and cause more potential clients to take note of you. It also helps with adding to your brand and solidifying that you are committed to helping. So, it is important to reach out to your local community leaders or organizations and introduce yourself. At Med Aesthetics Group, we like to tell our potential clients, that when trying to get new clients that it is good to remember this mantra: be aware, be engaged, and be productive.

Offer Incentives

Another thing that is important with owning a business, is giving clients a reason to come back. The number one way to do this is to offer incentives. Incentives are little rewards or specials  that are presented to clients to turn them into a return customer or thank them for a referral. The form that an incentive can take is relative to you and your practice. Some aesthetics practices will offer a special on their procedures, give coupons, gift baskets, or hold events to show client appreciation. This encourages clients to come back to take advantage of what is being offered and spread the name of the business.


By following these tips, you can be sure that your practice will see a surge in the number of clients who visit. This will take your business from a small or modest number to be in the league of larger practices.

So, try our steps and let us know if you notice any differences in the volume of clients. We look forward to reading your success stories!

April 25, 2017

Mercedes Zavala is a New Market Coordinator for Med Aesthetics Group. She's an expert on all things digital marketing & aesthetics and loves her clients. Her favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's and loves concerts.

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