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posted by on June 29, 2017

GET THE GLOWING SKIN OF THE STARS! Ever since Alicia Keys has announced her decision to forgo makeup, other celebrities have followed suit. Female celebrities are now taking up the trend of: “No Makeup”. However, just because they say that it is no-makeup, doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no procedures involved. Now aesthetics doctors …Read More

posted by on April 18, 2017

    Allergan has announced the release of their newest product “Juvederm Vollure.” This new product is FDA approved for use in the United States; while it has been previously available use in Europe. This newest product is part of the Juvederm dermal filler line, made from synthetic hyaluronic acid. With the release of this newest …Read More

posted by on March 15, 2017

While the common perception of the aesthetics industry is seen as vanity, it also helps people improve their quality of life. One example of this is the introduction of “The Argus II” bionic eye.  Already in use in Europe, the bionic eye- recently approved by the FDA in 2016- is primarily being used for the …Read More

posted by on October 3, 2016

  It’s the hottest tend among A-list celebrities and is said to utilize the body’s own resources. It’s called platelet rich plasma therapy or most notably known as ‘the vampire facial’. It was named the ‘vampire facial’ and trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels of Birmingham, Alabama during the vampire craze of 2010. Although the treatment …Read More

posted by on May 10, 2016

As we know, Botox is usually top of mind for most people looking to rid wrinkles or fine lines in their face, but scientists now believe they have come up with a new material that can change the skin’s appearance as well as restore its mechanical functions. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and …Read More