Who We Are

Med Aesthetics Group is a digital marketing company that is dedicated to the aesthetics industry. Since 2014, we’ve been helping medical spas, surgical centers and dermatologists utilize digital marketing to drive more revenue.

We are passionate about launching cutting edge digital marketing campaigns that leverage the same strategies and tactics that enterprise level companies do. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you today.

Located in Beautiful Southern California

217 N Citrus Ave, Covina, CA 91723


Henry Camacho
CEO, Founder

Henry Camacho has led and managed online marketing efforts for Charles Schwab, EBAY Enterprise, BCBG MAX AZRIA, World Market, Sports Authority, Bill Me Later, Razorgator and CarsDirect.

An entrepreneurial spirit led him to lead and develop Med Aesthetics Group as a web marketing platform that would enable small to medium size advertisers to leverage the latest strategies and tactics big brands do.

He is an evangelist for consumer oriented internet marketing and has a deep passion for all things mobile. He lives in Pomona, California and cares for his two boxers, Bentley and Cooper. He currently also manages a Little League Team in Pomona, Ca.

Michael Camacho
Lead Web Developer

Michael Camacho is the Senior Developer at Med Aesthetics Group. He is both the web developer and tech lead for our digital marketing efforts and leads all client driven projects. Well versed in HTML5, CSS3/SASS, PHP, JS/AJAX/JQuery, WW3, Web Responsive, Wordpress Development, Bootstrap, AngularJS.

An auto import enthusiast, he spends his off time tuning his 93’ Mazda RX-7 or driving it along side the Pacific Coast Highway. Along with his enormous passion for everything tech it drives his expertise in Web Development.

Mercedes Zavala
Social Media Marketing Manager

Mercedes Zavala joined Med Aesthetics Group in early 2014. She’s loves working in the aesthetics industry and touches just about every new client we on-board.

An expert in all things aesthetics and marketing, she helps aesthetic facilities employ new channels for client growth.

Residing in Southern California, she loves nightlife that includes concerts, eating Sushi or Thai and frequent trips to the Happiest Place on earth.

Bianca Lewis
New Market Coordinator

Bianca Lewis is a New Market Coordinator at Med Aesthetics Group. An expertise in digital marketing and in the aesthetics industry, she's an expert at identifying marketing opportunities for new and existing clients. Always learning, she enjoys keeping current on digital marketing and the new treatments and procedures in the aesthetics industry.

She always brightens the office with her smile and positive attitude. A metal head at heart, she loves going to concerts and always enjoys meeting new people. BBQ, friends and her Pekingese Schnauzer, Lily are what bring her happiness.

Gloria Diaz
Digital Marketing Specialist

Gloria Diaz joined Med Aesthetics Group in early 2016. She is a recent graduate of Cal State Sacramento, where she majored in English and Communications.

Gloria leads client on-boarding and communication efforts alongside our sales and marketing team.

She enjoys playing the piano, spending time outdoors, reading and building her iTunes digital movie collection.

Jennifer Winfield
SEO & Content Copywriter

Jennifer Winfield is a SEO & content copywriter at Med Aesthetics group. She has interned in film studios and worked with the likes of William Shatner and Matchbox 20’s Adam Gaynor. She currently has credits as a writer for projects in animation and have since worked in blog writing, web design and newsletters.

In her free time, Jennifer can be foun in a film screening Q&A, a comic convention, a dance studio, or enjoying a horror themed book or movie at home. She enjoys what she does and aspires to teach and share her passion with the next generation of writers.

Ashleigh Roberts-Finlay
SEO & Content Copywriter

Ashleigh Roberts-Finlay is a SEO & Content Copywriter at Med Aesthetics Group. Born in Auckland, New Zealand and has lived in Illinois prior to moving to sunny California.

Currently living with a menagerie of nine animals, which includes Chihuahuas and a poodle, as well as a one-eyed cat and a cat with an attitude problem. She loves traveling and photography, and can often be found with my camera on her.

Her favorite band is Dire Straits, an English folk rock blues band that never achieved the same recognition here in the States as it did in the rest of the Western world. She’s also currently also working on her Bachelor’s degree at USC.

Regan Noell Smith
SEO & Content Copywriter

Regan is a recent hire at Med Aesthetics Group. She’s one of our SEO Copywriters and supports content development and strategy for emails, blogs and PR releases. She enjoys watching historical, political and cultural documentaries that cover ethnicities and social interactions.

Favorite types of food are Mediterranean, Indian, Southern Comfort, Mexican and Italian. Just not all at once. She’s an avid reader of financial literature as well including Kiplinger’s & Entrepreneur Magazine. She listens to jazz, classical, trap, old school hip-hop, Christian, soul and R&B.

Talin Saginian
Web Designer

Talin Saginian is a Web Designer at Med Aesthetics Group and works on all design elements for our clients. A lover of dogs, she and her new fiancé have two rescue dogs named Charlie (a Jack Russel mix) and Cody (a Maltese/Bichon mix). She loves pizza, burgers, sushi and fish tacos, as well as her mom’s home cooking.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Los Angeles in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. She’s always been an artist and a problem solver. She believes laughter is the best medicine because life is serious enough (though stiff drinks work too). Ultimately, her goal is to continue being humble and happy with what she has and what she can do to better herself and the people around her.

Alexis Hernandez
Digital Marketing Specialist

Alexis is our newest addition to Med Aesthetics Group. She’s a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona where she majored in Business Administration and led her local American Marketing Association there. An early bird, she loves waking up before the sun is up and taking an early hike or enjoying Pilates. She loves her two dogs and nine cats (yes nine cats!). She can also be found searching for the latest vegan friendly restaurants with friends and family.

Alejandra Barberena
Digital Marketing Specialist

Alejandra Barberena is a recent Cal Poly Pomona graduate with a major in International Business and minor in Finance. She enjoys staying current with the news by listening to NPR and the BCC World News. She likes to watch TED Talks and learning new aspects of positively living life.

Holly Ryborz
Email Marketing Specialist

Holly Ryborz is an Email Marketing Specialist at Med Aesthetics Group. She is originally from Glendora, California and is back home after graduating from UC Davis in late 2015, where she majored in Communication and minored in Psychology and Community/ Regional Development.

In her spare time, Holly likes to go camping, binge watch some Netflix, go to concerts, and hang out with all of her pets. Her music taste ranges from Indie to Punk to anything at all and going to shows is when she's happiest. She also has lots of pets, which include dogs, cats, bearded dragons, poison dart frogs, geckos, fish, and one very sassy snake. Her animal kingdom is the absolute best.

Any given weekend you can find Holly exploring the city or the mountains, lounging at home in bed or at the beach, or rocking out at a local concert venue. Nothing is off limits!

Katherine Venegas
Administrative Assistant

Katherine Venegas is currently our administrative assistant and attends Citrus College. She’s majoring in Psychology and aims to be a psychiatrist one day. She enjoys helping others, concerts, cosplay, reading horror and drama literature. Some of her favorite artists are Bon Iver to The 1975 to Being As An Ocean. Pizza, sushi and ramen are her favorites when dining out. We’re lucky to have Katherine as part of our team.