Beyonce Causes Spike In Mommy Makeovers?

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All Hail Beyonce, Queen of the Post-Baby Body Snap Back! 

The Queen Bey has given birth!

With the arrival of the highly anticipated twins, everyone is eagerly awaiting two things: seeing the twins and seeing Bey’s post-baby body. As expected, after every celebrity woman in Hollywood gives birth, fans want to see what the post-baby body looks like. But given that Beyonce has a flawless body with a famous derriere, we’re sure that she’ll snap back in no time!

What does this mean for the aesthetics industry?

A rise in their Mommy Makeover Procedures! I’m sure that we can all agree that Queen Bey has one of the most enviable bodies around. Women around the world have been clamoring to get a body like hers. After her last pregnancy, people marveled at how Bey’s body snapped back with a vengeance! Inspiring envy and a surge in women trying to get a body like hers through any means possible. This is great business for the aesthetics industry, because people want quick results! The Mommy Makeover will target the main areas of a post-baby body and restore your body back to its pre-baby days. So, in anticipation of Beyonce’s spectacular post-baby, expect a rise in the demand of: The Mommy Makeover.

June 20, 2017